Oligomers for Toughness, 3D Printed Body Builder


Oligomers for Toughness

Bomar® develops a range of oligomers used in tough 3D printing formulations and various applications such as dental molds, shoe soles, and prototyping designs. 

Our oligomers for toughness are developed in a way that obtains the desired viscosity while still maintaining their mechanical properties and tensile strength. These dendritic acrylates and other oligomers also have low moisture absorption contributing to their strength.

Many Bomar oligomers are developed for use in 3D Printing resins and used in applications such as SLA/DLP and inkjet printing. The materials have a low viscosity and produce a tack-free surface. Additionally, oligomers for 3D printing cure fast to develop green strength, yet don’t negatively impact resolution.  

Looking for post-curing methods? We recommend Dymax light cure flood and spot lamps.

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Bomar Oligomer Product Finder

Oligomer Product Finder

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