Moisture Resistant Oligomers, droplet pooled on top of an electronic device

Moisture Resistance

Oligomers with Moisture Resistant Properties

Bomar® develops hydrophobic acrylates and methacrylates with moisture-resistant and weatherability properties.  

Moisture-resistant oligomers are created to develop moisture barriers for outdoor coatings and wood coatings, various consumer goods, optical coatings, and other types of formulations to provide protection in high-humidity environments.   

As expected, oligomers with moisture-resistant properties provide excellent water resistance, heat resistant, and flexibility. Many are optically clear as well.


Interested in scale-up capabilities? Bomar has been in the raw material market for over 30 years and will partner directly with your business to develop a successful scale-up formulation. 


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Oligomers for Moisture Resistance
Bomar Oligomer Product Finder

Oligomer Product Finder

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