Bomar Oligomers for Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Formulate Industrial Coatings with Bomar Oligomers 

Bomar® oligomers are well suited for the formulation of industrial coatings for plastic, wood, and glass. 

Thioether dendritic oligomers are used for industrial coating applications when exceptional crosslink density and abrasion resistance are needed. These low-viscosity materials offer superior acid and chemical resistance and provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including ABS, aluminum, glass polycarbonate, PMMA, and stainless steel. Dendritic oligomers are also known to be resistant to decomposition at high temperatures. 

Coatings that require a balance of flexibility, weatherability, and abrasion resistance can utilize a range of Bomar’s urethane acrylate offerings. 

Novel water-dilutable oligomers can be used in formulations requiring improved compatibility with water, including anti-fog applications or coatings and inks that require clean-up with water or less aggressive solvents.

Applications include topcoats on furniture, hardwood flooring coatings, automotive hard and base coats, and rigid and flexible plastic coatings for containers, and more. 

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Bomar oligomers are well suited for a variety of industrial wood coatings and plastic coatings.  Our oligomers assist in fulfilling desired mechanical and physical properties, such as chemical resistance and excellent adhesion.  This makes them ideal for applications such as hard protective coatings, printing inks, and overprint varnishes.  Water-dilutable oligomers are also available and are ideal for topcoats on furniture and hardwood flooring.  These oligomers offer stain and chemical resistance and can be formulated as both low- and high-gloss coatings.  They also offer good adhesion to most plastics.

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Use our Oligomer Product Finder to sort and compare products by backbone chemistry, reactive group, and viscosity. Products can also be refined by flexibility, weatherability, water absorption, abrasion, INCI or tin-free properties.

Bomar Raw Chemical Toll Blending & Manufacturer

Toll Manufacturing

Bomar partners with all size companies searching for a reliable and knowledgeable raw chemical contract manufacturing partner. Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing oligomers and resins, intermediate coatings, and other chemical materials gives us the technical background and expertise needed for successful toll manufacturing relationships. 

Dymax Curing Equipment Supports Bomar UV/EB Oligomers

Supporting Equipment

Dymax designs and manufacturers dispense and light-curing systems. These systems are optimized to work seamlessly with Bomar oligomers to gain process efficiencies by delivering rapid surface cure, depth of cure, and speed of cure in an economical way. 

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