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Primary Oligomer Chemistries

Overview of the different oligomer chemistries we offer. Use the Oligomer Product Finder tool to easily compare properties and special features. 

Hydrophobic Urethane (Meth)acrylates

Hydrophobic urethane acrylates and methacrylates provide similar adhesion benefits to polyester urethane acrylates but with excellent moisture barrier properties, enhanced flexibility at elevated temperatures, chemical resistance, weatherability, light stability, and optical clarity.

Multifunctional (Meth)acrylates

Multifunctional acrylates and methacrylates offer rapid cure and are ideal for coatings where premium performance is desired. Cured films range from stiff to flexible - all with excellent abrasion, stain, and chemical resistance plus good hydrolytic stability. They are used in the most demanding medical and electronic applications.

Polybutadiene Urethane Acrylates

Designed to meet rigorous electronic applications, PBDUAs possess many desirable properties typical of polybutadiene (PBD) resins, combined with radiation curability via UV/EB. These oligomers are recommended for applications requiring low moisture pickup, thermal cycling resistance, and low dielectric constant.

Polyester Urethane Acrylates

Polyester urethane acrylates exhibit good adhesion properties to a variety of substrates along with a balance of toughness and flexibility. They have higher viscosities compared to other urethane acrylates, and therefore, require more diluent. Aliphatic polyester urethane acrylates have excellent outdoor durability and UV resistance and provide excellent cured-film characteristics. Applications for aliphatic polyester urethane acrylates include adhesives and coatings where toughness and non-yellowing characteristics are required.

Polyester Urethane Methacrylates

Polyester urethane methacrylates are most commonly used in applications where low shrinkage and excellent adhesion are required. Polyester urethane methacrylates give slower cure response and therefore need to be formulated accordingly. These oligomers are preferred over their acrylate counterparts for applications requiring ultra-low skin sensitivity.

Polyether Urethane Acrylates

This is a workhorse family of urethane acrylate oligomer products. With polyether urethane acrylates, it is possible to cost effectively obtain a wide range of properties. Applications range from adhesives, including laminating and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), to high-quality coatings for wood, metal, and glass.

Polyether Urethane Methacrylates

Polyether urethane methacrylates are preferred in applications where adhesion, gloss, and low skin sensitivity is required. They offer lower viscosities compared to their polyester urethane methacrylate counterparts.

Select Novel Oligomers

Bomar designs and develops custom select novel oligomers with completely unique properties. These select novel materials occupy fluid and varying stages of development. We recommend you speak directly with our sales and/or technical teams to access the most current information and commercial status of these materials.

Thioether Dendritic Acrylates

Dendritic acrylates mimic the performance of dendrimers, star- or ball-shaped polymers that are built up layer by layer, without all of the cost. Dendritics are more spherical than rod shaped, and because of their spherical shape, they have significantly lower viscosity than typical linear oligomers of comparable molecular weights.

Bio-based Oligomers

Bomar has developed a range of bio-based polyether urethane methacrylate products with significant bio-content, (most of them) formulated with a tin-free catalyst. These oligomers provide a higher degree of heat resistance to the cured formulation vs other polyether oligomers and contribute excellent properties to nail coatings, 3D printing resins, and impact resistant coatings.

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