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Bomar Oligomers for 3D Printing Formulations

Bomar® 3D printing light-sensitive urethane (meth)acrylate oligomers are designed specifically to create rigid, tough, and flexible 3D printing resins and inks with superior mechanical properties that are used in Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and 3D inkjet applications. These oligomers cure with UV/EB light energy and when formulated into a photopolymer resin can greatly affect the flexibility, chemical and impact resistance, and tensile strength of parts made from the resin.

Bomar oligomers provide a wide range of mechanical properties to meet the needs of the many emerging 3D printing applications. Ancillary properties such as low shrinkage, low moisture absorption, low-to-high glass transition temperatures, and low viscosity can also be provided to accommodate each unique application. Formulators can utilize them in their 3D printing resins and inks to create new, higher-quality printing materials and to overcome challenges associated with clarity and color stability, object deformation, and the surface quality of 3D printed parts.

Bomar 3D printing oligomers are used in a wide range of industries and are especially suited for use in rapid prototyping and manufacturing of final 3D printed products.

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Quality 3D printing formulations have low viscosity, fast cure speeds, varying strengths & flexibility.  The oligomeric backbone structure is key in the formulations.  Bomar oligomers are designed to maintain critical mechanical properties in various 3D printing resins including rigid, tough, and flexible formulations.  This enables Bomar oligomers to help developments be made in industries such as dental, aerospace, and automotive.

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Use our Oligomer Product Finder to sort and compare products by backbone chemistry, reactive group, and viscosity. Products can also be refined by flexibility, weatherability, water absorption, abrasion, INCI or tin-free properties.

Bomar Raw Chemical Toll Blending & Manufacturer

Toll Manufacturing

Bomar partners with all size companies searching for a reliable and knowledgeable raw chemical contract manufacturing partner. Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing oligomers and resins, intermediate coatings, and other chemical materials gives us the technical background and expertise needed for successful toll manufacturing relationships. 

Dymax Curing Equipment Supports Bomar UV/EB Oligomers

Supporting Equipment

Dymax designs and manufacturers dispense and light-curing systems. These systems are optimized to work seamlessly with Bomar oligomers to gain process efficiencies by delivering rapid surface cure, depth of cure, and speed of cure in an economical way. 

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