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Specialty Applications

Unique Oligomers for Specialty Applications 

Bomar® offers a range of specialized oligomers that enable formulators to expand the range of achievable properties.  

UV-curable resins typically require solvents to clean or wash away resins from coating lines, printing presses, or 3D printed parts. Formulators looking to clean UV resins with water instead of solvents can utilize Bomar water-dilutable oligomers. These oligomers can be used to emulsify hydrophobic resins and improve the cleanup of these formulas. 

Silicone urethane acrylates can be used to provide very low Tg, high elongation mechanical properties with a low coefficient of friction and low gloss. The combination of the low modulus, hydrophobic properties of silicone, and the toughness of urethanes result in well-balanced oligomers that enable desirable mechanical and surface properties. 

While there are many benefits to using hydrophobic oligomers, they are most often selected for their moisture barrier and water-resistance properties. These materials exhibit enhanced flexibility at elevated temperatures, low water absorption, chemical resistance, weatherability, light stability, and optical clarity.  

These properties are also desirable in functional and smart coating applications where anti-fogging and frost-resistant properties are required.

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Bomar hydrophobic oligomers deliver various desirable properties, such as moisture barrier and water resistance.  This makes them ideal for the formulation of inks used in printing applications like offset, flexo, screen, and inkjet.  Hydrophobic oligomers are also well suited for moisture-barrier coatings used in electronic coatings, and for coating steel, plastic, and glass.  Unlike solvent-based materials, Bomar hydrophobic oligomers contain no VOCs, resulting in a greener process.  They also offer fast cure speeds for increased productivity and the ability for LED surface cure. 

Related Products

Use our Oligomer Product Finder to sort and compare products by backbone chemistry, reactive group, and viscosity. Products can also be refined by flexibility, weatherability, water absorption, abrasion, INCI or tin-free properties.

Bomar Raw Chemical Toll Blending & Manufacturer

Toll Manufacturing

Bomar partners with all size companies searching for a reliable and knowledgeable raw chemical contract manufacturing partner. Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing oligomers and resins, intermediate coatings, and other chemical materials gives us the technical background and expertise needed for successful toll manufacturing relationships. 

Dymax Curing Equipment Supports Bomar UV/EB Oligomers

Supporting Equipment

Dymax designs and manufacturers dispense and light-curing systems. These systems are optimized to work seamlessly with Bomar oligomers to gain process efficiencies by delivering rapid surface cure, depth of cure, and speed of cure in an economical way. 

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