Fast Curing Oligomers, Clear Plastic Material Being Cured In A Light Cure Conveyor

Cure Speed

UV/EB Rapid Curing Oligomers 

Bomar® UV/EB fast light-curing oligomers utilize reactive diluents (monomers) that allow properties to develop immediately, resulting in a full cure in seconds. This also creates a greater depth of cure-all at a lower price point than other curing methods. 

High cure speed is particularly important for applications such as 3D printing, inks, and industrial coatings as well as for nail coatings and adhesives.

Bomar light-curing oligomers cure in three ways:

  • UV/EB (ultraviolet) light: 200-400 nm (broad-spectrum)
  • LED light: 365, 385, or 405 nm
  • Visible light: typically 380-450 nm (no curing equipment needed)

UV and LED offer many advantages such as creating efficient line speeds for faster curing with more PI. They also produce scratch-resistant coatings, don’t use any VOCs, and are compatible with nonporous substrates like plastics and metals.  

Looking for post-curing methods? We recommend Dymax light cure flood and spot lamps.

  • Flood lamps: used for when the material is in the green state, just off the printer
  • Broadband UV and LED spot curing 
  • Cure small areas of 3D printed materials
  • Repairs
  • Cure two intricate pieces together to create larger assemblies

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Fast Light-Curing Oligomers, PCB Board Being Fed Through a Conveyor
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