Bomar Oligomers for Adhesives

UV/EB Adhesives

Formulate UV/EB Adhesives with Bomar Oligomers

Bomar® specialty urethane acrylates are important to the formulation of UV/EB and LED light-curable adhesives because they provide high-performance, functionality, and a range of mechanical properties to the chemistry, such as improved adhesion, flexibility, resilience, hydrolytic stability, good weatherability, and toughness

Formulators can select the oligomer with the properties they need to develop an adhesive with the desired qualities required for the application. 

Bomar acrylated urethanes are utilized in the formulation of optically clear laminating and pressure-sensitive adhesives for labels and decals. They are also used to create adhesives used in automotive headlamps, potting and encapsulation of electronic components, bonding small parts, and medical adhesives. 

Bomar Oligomers for UV/EB Adhesives Video

Bomar oligomers can be used to formulate a range of adhesives.  These adhesives include pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), potting resins and encapsulants, medical device adhesives, laminating adhesives, and industrial adhesives.  When formulated as an adhesive, Bomar oligomers are excellent as an adhesion promoter or reactive tackifier, improving adhesion to a variety of substrates.  They also provide excellent mechanical properties, giving the adhesive desired characteristics like toughness or flexibility.  Our oligomers provide several advantages compared to epoxy, 2K, CA, and solvent-based additives.  These advantages include productivity and speed, long pot-life, single component, consistency, improved fixturing and dry/cure process.

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Use our Oligomer Product Finder to sort and compare products by backbone chemistry, reactive group, and viscosity. Products can also be refined by flexibility, weatherability, water absorption, abrasion, INCI or tin-free properties.

Bomar Raw Chemical Toll Blending & Manufacturer

Toll Manufacturing

Bomar partners with all size companies searching for a reliable and knowledgeable raw chemical contract manufacturing partner. Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing oligomers and resins, intermediate coatings, and other chemical materials gives us the technical background and expertise needed for successful toll manufacturing relationships. 

Dymax Curing Equipment Supports Bomar UV/EB Oligomers

Supporting Equipment

Dymax designs and manufacturers dispense and light-curing systems. These systems are optimized to work seamlessly with Bomar oligomers to gain process efficiencies by delivering rapid surface cure, depth of cure, and speed of cure in an economical way. 

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