Bomar Products

Bomar Oligomer, Resin, Coating, and Dispersion Products

Bomar® manufactures advanced performance oligomers and coatings materials for energy (UV/EB), light, and other free-radical cure applications. With extensive experience in the development of proprietary oligomer technology tailored for specific applications and precise performance requirements, we provide unmatched technical knowledge of acrylate and urethane chemistry. 

We offer a full line of aliphatic and aromatic urethane, polyether urethane, and polyester urethane acrylates and methacrylates, with a strong emphasis on new product development. Our technical team excels in designing and synthesizing previously unheard-of materials. Bomar products, many of which are "industry exclusive" oligomers, are utilized in numerous energy-cure applications worldwide. 

Advanced Performance UV/EB-Curing Oligomers from Bomar


Bomar® oligomers are used to formulate adhesives, inks, coatings, and a variety of other products. In addition to their ability to undergo free radical polymerization, these versatile oligomers are the most significant contributor to the physical performance characteristics. 

Bomar Dispersions


MechT dispersions combine novel discrete carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with (meth)acrylated resins for use in UV-curable 3D printing and CASE applications. This breakthrough technology allows for CNTs to be dispersed discretely and uniformly in resins.

Bomar UV/EB Curable LumiSet Resins


UV/EB curable resins for nail coatings offer extreme toughness, inherent flexibility, and high productivity speeds for various applications.

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