Bomar Oligomers for Nail Coatings

Nail Coatings

Formulate LED-Curable Nail Gel Coatings

Bomar® oligomers exhibit excellent durability and provide a non-yellowing, high-gloss finish in the formulation of LED-curable gel, hard, and soak-off nail coatings. LumiSet™ film-forming resins can also be used to produce hybrid nail polishes. They help overcome common issues like low gloss, color drift, regulatory compliance, and premature chipping associated with traditional nail coatings.

Complete formulation flexibility is possible due to the diverse range of mechanical properties that Bomar oligomers offer, making it easy for formulators to get the coating properties they need.  

  • Low heat generation to eliminate skin irritation/sensitivity during cure
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Created with low MeHQ levels for low skin irritation
  • Non-yellowing, high-gloss finish for vibrant coatings 
  • Excellent durability for longer-lasting salon-fresh look
  • INCI registered oligomers that meet many global regulatory conditions

These oligomers are well suited for nail extensions and sculpted nails, as well as topcoat, color coat, or base coat nail gel polishes sold in professional salons or do-it-at-home kits. 

Bomar Oligomers for Nail Coatings Video

Bomar oligomers work to solve challenges with UV and LED cured nail coatings.  Bomar oligomers contain properties such as non-yellowing, high gloss, low MeHQ, and low heat generation.  These properties make Bomar oligomers suitable for various nail gel coatings including hard gels, soak-off gels, top coats, color coats, and base coats.  With Bomar oligomers nail gel coatings look salon-fresh longer.

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Bomar Raw Chemical Toll Blending & Manufacturer

Toll Manufacturing

Bomar partners with all size companies searching for a reliable and knowledgeable raw chemical contract manufacturing partner. Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing oligomers and resins, intermediate coatings, and other chemical materials gives us the technical background and expertise needed for successful toll manufacturing relationships. 

Dymax Curing Equipment Supports Bomar UV/EB Oligomers

Supporting Equipment

Dymax designs and manufacturers dispense and light-curing systems. These systems are optimized to work seamlessly with Bomar oligomers to gain process efficiencies by delivering rapid surface cure, depth of cure, and speed of cure in an economical way. 

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