Oligomer Development, Toll Blending
Toll Blending

Chemical Toll Blending

Bomar® specializes in chemical toll blending used in UV nail gel formulations and 3D printing resins. We offer both Newtonian and thixotropic formulations with various temperature control and mixer options. 

Newtonian Formulations: 

  • Batch size capability from 2-5,100 kg
  • Temperature control from 20°C – 140°C
  • Range of vessel options including planetary mixer and low shear vessels

Thixotropic Formulations:

  • Open head mixer capabilities from 2-180 kg for thixotropic fluids up to 150,000 
  • Temperature control from 20°C – 80°C 
  • Closed head mixer with planetary and dispersion blade

Packaging options include 3 mL syringes, 1 L bottles, pails, drums, or other custom options to meet the specific requirements of your organization. We also ensure vacuum pressure down to 25 in Hg with de-bubbling capabilities. 

At Bomar, we encourage a cooperative, open dialogue with mutual confidentiality agreements to ensure a cost-effective and quick scale-up production cycle. If this sounds of interest, contact us directly to speak with a team member expert. 

Bomar synthetic chemical toll manufacturing

Synthetic Chemical Toll Manufacturing

Bomar specializes in reaction chemical synthesis of urethane acrylate oligomers and Michael addition chemistry. 

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