Bio-based Oligomers

Biobased oligomers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to their petroleum-based counterparts, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in material science. Derived from renewable resources, these oligomers significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with their production and use. They exhibit comparable, if not superior, performance characteristics such as low-temperature flexibility, elasticity, and excellent dynamic properties. 

Bomar has developed a range of bio-based polyether urethane methacrylate products with significant bio-content, (most of them) formulated with a tin-free catalyst, which in addition with the methacrylate functionality make these excellent candidates for consumer applications with low irritancy requirements. Compared to traditional bio-based products, Bomar BR-104xMB oligomers show low color and are therefore ideal to use in applications where colorless and optical clarity is critical, like transparent and pigmented coatings. With their low MeHQ content this range also meets the latest cosmetic guidelines for inhibitor concentration.

As the world focuses on safer and greener chemistries, the reduction of organotin catalysts and the development of oligomers that contain bio-sourced raw materials are highly desired.


Bomar Bio-Based Oligomers
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