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LSR-141: Polyether Urethane Methacrylate Resin

LumiSet™ LSR-141 is a urethane methacrylate polymeric resin designed for use in base and color coat applications for hybrid and long-wear nail lacquers. Synthesized using building blocks from nail gel chemistries, LSR-141 is a solvent-borne film-forming resin that can offer nail lacquer formulators the benefits of adhesion and durability from nail gels while also achieving a tack-free finish, without the need for UV or LED lamps. The combination of excellent adhesion, flexibility, and toughness offers formulators an alternative to other leachable plasticizers or potentially toxic adhesion promoters. The excellent adhesion of LSR-141 allows for the combination of color and base coats into one step. Base and color coats formulated with LSR-141 should also be paired with a hydrophobic topcoat due to the hydrophilic nature of LSR-141. LSR-141 is INCI registered and can be formulated to cure with sunlight exposure using appropriate INCI-registered photoinitiators.

Uncured Properties
Viscosity, cP (25°C)400
Yellowness Index (b*) ǂ0.14
Density, g/cm3 (25°C)0.95
MEHQ Content (ppm)Undetectable
% Solids24% in butyl/ethyl acetate blend
Tack Free Time (min.) ǂǂ1.3

ǂ Per ASTM E313
ǂ Per ASTM D5895 5 mil wet film, reduced to 30% solid with butyl acetate

Film Properties Reduced To 30% Solids With Butyl Acetate
PropertyAir DriedSunlight Cured
Tensile Strength, psi**4,5005,200
Elongation, %**66
Elastic Modulus, ksi**190205
Toughness (J)0.0700.083
Sward Hardness - 30 minutes1015
Sward Hardness - 24 hours1215
Contact Angle9499
Gloss on glass plate 20°6363
Gloss on glass plate 60°8585
Gloss on glass plate 85°9595

** Per ASTM D882. Air-dried and cured in Q-Sun for 1 hour at 0.19 W/m2


  • Excellent adhesion to fingernails
  • Compatible with common film formers
  • Dries to a tack-free film
  • Tough, flexible polymeric resin
  • Reactive to cure with sunlight exposure
  • No TSF, DBP, MeHQ, or other common materials of concern for cosmetics


  • Hybrid nail lacquer base coat
  • Hybrid nail lacquer color coat
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