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T50B Carbon Nanotube Dispersion in UV-curable Resin

T50B is a concentrated dispersion of discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotubes (D’Func) in UV-curable resins. A more versatile dispersion than E35A, this material can be used in SLA, DLP, or jettable resins ranging from rigid to flexible to provide conductivity and decreased surface resistivity. When compared to FDM-printed ESD parts, ESD resins produced with T50B can achieve fully isotropic conductivity with high resolution and isotropic mechanical properties.

Uncured Properties
Viscosity, cP (25°C)Thixotropic paste
AppearanceBlack Paste
Specific Gravity, (20°C)1.06
Cured Mechanical Properties
PropertyControl10% T50B
Tensile Strength, psi**2,7003,900
Elongation, %**25.018.0
Elastic Modulus, ksi**78120
Durometer Hardness76D77D
MEK Double Rubs (#)1713

** Per ASTM D882


  • Stable dispersion of discrete nanotubes
  • Promotes electrostatic dissipation in UV-curable formulations
  • No degradation of mechanical properties
  • Capable of achieving 104 -109 Ω/sq resistivity
  • Easy addition to a formula without high shear mixing
  • Provide carbon content with no trails


  • ESD 3D printing resins
  • Low surface resistivity coatings and adhesives
  • Conductive inks
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