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MechT E35A: CNT Masterbatch in BR-952

MechT E35A is a stable dispersion of discrete functionalized carbon nanotubes in urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA), BR-952. The Masterbatch can be used in rigid, high tensile strength SLA, DLP, or jettable resins to provide conductivity and decreased resistivity. When compared to FDM-printed ESD parts, ESD resins produced with MechT E35A can achieve fully isotropic conductivity with high resolution and isotropic mechanical properties.

Uncured Properties
Viscosity, cP (25°C)91,000
Pt-Co (APHA) ColorBlack
Density, g/cm3 (25°C)1.13
Cured Mechanical Properties Compared To BR-952
PropertyE35A I30BR-952 I30
Tensile Strength, psi**11,10010,800
Elongation, %**4.05.4
Elastic Modulus, ksi**400380
Durometer Hardness9089
Water Absorption, % (24 hrs)0.210.23
MEK Double Rubs (#)>200>200

E35A Tg (DMA) = 157°C; Peak tan delta; cured with 2 phr of TPO
BR-952 Tg (DMA) = 153°C; Peak tan delta; cured with 2 phr of TPO
** Per ASTM D882





  • Stable dispersion of discrete nanotubes
  • Promotes electrostatic dissipation in UV-curable formulations
  • No degradation of mechanical properties
  • Capable of achieving 104 -109 ?/sq resistivity
  • Easy addition to a formula without high shear mixing
  • Provides carbon content with no carbon trails


  • ESD 3D printing resins
  • Low surface resistivity coatings and adhesives
  • Conductive inks
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