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Jaylink® Additive


JL-106E: Polymerizable Cellulosic

Jaylink® JL-106E polymerizable cellulosic is an acrylamidomethyl-substituted cellulose ester polymer. Due to its high degree of acrylamide substitution, formulations using JL-106E cure very rapidly in response to UV/EB. The resulting films have excellent abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance. The hydrophobic and hydrophilics segments of 106E make it an excellent compatibilizer for materials of differing polarity. JL-106E is used for its thixotropic characteristics, which are particularly useful in improving UV ink holdout on porous substrates, without sacrificing cured properties. This material is INCI listed for use in the cosmetic industry.

Uncured Properties
Viscosity, cP (50°C)59,000¥
AppearanceWhite Powder
Moisture Content, %~0.5
Specific Gravity (20°C)1.28
Hydroxyl Content (Calculated), %3.8
Nitrogen, %0.45

¥ Solution viscosity in 50% N,N’-DMA

Cured Properties
PropertyNeat144 w/o JL144 w/o JL200 w/o JL200 w/o JL
Tensile Strength, psi**4,9603,9134,3792,1052,737
Elongation, %**643.526
Elastic Modulus, ksi**155.2146.8519718587
Durometer Hardness45D75D86D90D90D
MEK Double Rubs (#)>200163>200>200>200

** Per ASTM D882


  • Improves impact resistance
  • Accelerates cure
  • Enhances surface hardness
  • Mild thixotrope
  • Provides chemical resistance
  • Low-haze


  • UV/EB coatings
  • Rheological additive
  • Fiberglass composites


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